Our Activities

Plantation walking

Coffee trees and the grassy floor is some of the finest things to uplift the admiring mood within us. Chandramukuta stay is the one to remark the good mornings and evenings by walking with beloved ones through the beautifully cultivated plantation with lurking birds and mild breeze

Bird watching

Isn’t it delightful to take a brisk glance at chirping birds flying around? In surrounding areas of Chandramukuta stay visitors cannot miss the view of flying birds in the sky. The environment around this area includes magnificent bio-diversity. Among that rare bird species ‘Fir’ can be seen everywhere on this stay and it is most suitable for bird watching.

Experience coffee culture

Coffee, rain, and vacation are the best blend. These three are convenient elements in this stay. Chikkamagaluru is a land of coffee. So coffee is so elegant here. Excellent filter and traditional coffee which is served here depicts unique coffee culture.


There is a beautiful vast lake in Chandramukuta stay which is very suitable for fishing. In many areas swimming and fishing are prohibited. The majority of people are not satisfied without hooking to the fish. To fulfill visitors, yearn stay facilitates fishing so that visitors chill their vacation.

Access to natural lake

You can access the natural lake in the plantation around stay which gives you a peaceful experience. Playing with water with family makes it more enjoyable. There is a wide natural lake in the stay which has clean and fresh water with colorful fishes.

Fire camp

Vacation in Chandramukuta’s stay is incomplete without camping in the front yard of the stay. At misty night making fire camp with delicious and elegant malnad special food will feel loved. Dancing and confessing things with friends and family will bring you closer.

Musical nights

With the pleasant and warm night of fire camp below the moon at Chandramukuta stay, the extra flavor is added with playing delightful music of your choice so that you can enjoy the night’s heart fully with your loved ones.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is always there on the bucket list of many people. It is an activity which is considered to be very exciting and adventurous. Moreover, it is something you will not find to be very common in all places. You can have this activity near this stay with safety revolutionary measures. If you try rock climbing in the plantation of Chandramakuta stay, the adventurous mood will switch on forever.

Bhadra tiger reserve

Bhadra tiger reserve lies at a distance of 15km from the Chandramukuta stay. You can visit this place to add extra memories to your journey