Discover a new world of serenity

Welcome to Chandramukuta

Chandramukuta is a unique homestay nestled in the midst of green serene covered with all four sides. This beautiful stay is designed for your refreshed and revived living with awesome tasty authentic food services. The most interesting is the stay is Chandramukuta is very near to all the nearby interesting places and feasible to travel.

Feel the real experience

A clean and Happy environment can be seen throughout the vacation. You can feel the real experience of the wildness and freshness of nature. The combination of peace, enjoyment, and nature attracts national and international visitors every year.

A service you desire and deserve

With all these amenities, we have the best services for the stay of customers and their happiness. You feel as you are staying in a nature’s kingdom by wearing Mukuta (Crown) and we treat and serve you like a King and Queen of this beautiful nature kingdom.

Our Activities

Plantation walking

Bird watching

Experience coffee culture


Access to the natural lake

Fire camp

Musical nights

Rock Climbing

Bhadra tiger reserve